Find Bavarian students for your company

Our jobs board is a portal through which businesses can place adverts for short or long-term work placements outside of Germany that are open to Bachelor’s and Master’s students of all fields of study, from engineering to IT, natural sciences, business administration, health sciences, language sciences, arts and humanities and any other subject.

What kind of work placements are we looking for?

We are looking for opportunities for practical work experience lasting from 1 to 12 months with demanding and interesting tasks that are relevant to the subjects that students are studying. These may be compulsory work placements (four months or longer), additional work experience (up to one year) or students wanting to do their Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertation in cooperation with your business. Students are far enough into their studies that you will be able to entrust them with their own tasks.


Benefits to your company

Your intern:

  • Allows for flexibility in staffing needs without long-term commitment
  • Assists in the completion of special work-related projects
  • Is enthusiastic, performance-oriented and full of fresh insights
  • Enhances your international network and global decision-making
  • Contributes to the diversity of your staff and their intercultural skills
  • Brings along inside knowledge on German business connections
  • Speaks fluent English, German and possibly a 3rd language
What can the students offer you?

You can expect a high degree of specialist and general knowledge from your student. Students are looking for challenges in order to further develop their practical abilities

Our students come from:

  • 19 universities for applied sciences
  • 10 research oriented universities
  • All subjects and levels (Bachelor’s and Master’s)
  • Some are undertaking dual studies with a deeper practical element as an employee within a business, or in association with an apprenticeship, and have a particularly good practical understanding.

The level of knowledge our students have will surprise you. In order to be sure that your expectations will fit in with the contents of courses, please get in touch with the relevant faculty or ourselves. It is important for us to make sure that the work placement will lead to excellent results for your business – and for the students!

To advertise a work placement, please contact Susanne Stöver. We are also happy to answer any general questions you may have about the project and deal with special requests. We will help you to find a highly motivated student in the most cost-effective way. You can find our English language company brochure here with information about our jobs board.

Students from all over the world for your business in Bavaria

The next ten to twenty years are forecast to have an increasing lack of specialist staff in many economic sectors in Bavaria. Be sure to make contacts with universities around the world to avoid any future staffing problems. We cooperate with selected partner universities and institutions abroad whose demanding courses are comparable with those at Bavarian universities. Our portal is only accessible to international students at our partner universities who are looking for a work placement in Bavaria.

We offer you support in creating solid contacts with careers services at good universities in the USA and other countries. You can then also use their network to advertise vacancies to future specialists. During the 4-12 month placement you will not only get to know the student, but also find out more about their university and courses of study abroad. Students can support you in doing business with their respective home countries and/or with special projects. In return we would be very grateful if you would support the foreign students with their living costs and accommodation.

Cooperation with universities and colleges

The Study & Work International project relies on its international network. The work placement opportunities advertised on our website reach every student in Bavaria. In order to further increase the range of placements on offer, we also cooperate with universities and partner institutions outside of Germany. In return, we help with the search for work placement opportunities with companies in Bavaria. Our summer school also offers various opportunities for cooperation especially with Bavarian companies, but also with foreign universities and businesses.

Please contact Susanne Stöver, Study & Work International Advisor, with your ideas and suggestions for cooperation.