Our job board provides businesses with a platform for advertising long-term and short-term work placements outside of Germany for Bachelor’s and Master’s students coming from all disciplinary backgrounds – from mechanical engineering to IT, natural sciences, and business administration through to health sciences, social sciences, cultural sciences, and many more.

Benefits for your business

Your placement student:

  • Allows for flexibility in staffing needs without any long-term commitment.
  • Assists in special projects in addition to your everyday tasks.
  • Enhances the diversity and intercultural skills of your team.
  • Brings with them inside business knowledge regarding Germany.
  • Speaks fluent English and German, and possibly a third language.
  • Is enthusiastic, results-driven and full of fresh insights.
What kind of work placements are we looking for?

We are looking for work placements lasting 1 to 12 months that offer demanding and interesting tasks, corresponding to the student’s field of study. These can comprise compulsory work placements (lasting 4 months or more), additional work experience (up to 1 year) or a Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis in partnership with your business. The students already have enough expertise in their field of study that you can entrust them with their own responsibilities.

What do the students offer you?

Bavarian universities and higher education institutions rank amongst the best in Germany and are internationally renowned. You can expect your placement student to possess a high level of subject-related and fundamental expertise. The students are looking for challenges through which they can enhance their practical competencies.

Our students come from:

  • 19 universities of applied sciences
  • 10 universities
  • All disciplinary backgrounds and degree levels (Bachelor and Master)

You will be surprised at our students’ level of expertise. To ensure that your expectations match the content of the degree courses, you are welcome to contact the relevant faculty or to get in touch with us. We strive to ensure that the work placement leads to excellent results for your business – and for the students.

To advertise a work placement opening or for more information on our extended portfolio of services, please contact us. You can find tips and suggestions for designing your advertisement here. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have concerning this project and to discuss any special requests. We are committed to helping you recruit highly motivated students cost-effectively. See our English (Spanish, French, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese) brochures, containing information about our job board as well.