Are you searching for accomplished new talent for your overseas branch? Your ideal candidates are highly qualified and bring with them intercultural experience as well as lasting motivation to launch an international career at your overseas branch. Study & Work International supports you via cutting-edge solutions – tailored exactly to your needs.

Connecting with students with an international profile

Our new matching service GO|MATCH is online. With it, you will be able to search for students that match your desired profile.
As a project of the state-run and church-run higher education institutions and universities in Bavaria, Study & Work International has a direct line to all of their careers services. Connecting you with students for work placements at your overseas locations (possibly with the chance of being taken on permanently afterwards) forms the core of our services.
In doing so, you get to meet a multitude of potential new employees that return to where they worked upon finishing their degree or who kick-start their career directly with you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any unique needs and requests.

Students from Bavaria

The last two groups in particular also comprise students who are on the stepping stone to launching their professional careers – the perfect moment for you to inspire them to join you. Get in touch with us to discuss your particular needs. Send us an email. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.