New talent from the homes of your overseas locations

When recruiting, the majority of businesses focus on partnerships with the schools and universities in the country where their overseas location is situated. However, the junior staff members of some German overseas branches simply do not have enough intercultural expertise and lack the experience gained from having studied in Germany. Why not send selected students to Bavaria before they finish their degree for a study programme lasting 1 to 4 semesters in combination with a work placement at your headquarters? You also have the option of sending prospective students directly to Germany with a scholarship, providing the Bavarian universities recognise their access to higher education qualification.

We are happy to assist you in implementing suitable programmes. The 29 higher education institutions and universities within our network work with a myriad of renowned universities across the globe and maintain close relationships to German schools abroad.

How do these contacts benefit you?

Please send us an email to discuss the various partnership options in detail.