In recent years the number of students going on work placement abroad is growing rapidly. Accordingly, bursary programmes such as Erasmus+ and other national funding schemes increasingly provide for financial support to enable a large number of students to benefit from this experience. The young people are highly motivated to excel in the tasks which you entrust to them, because they understand their work placement as the first step of their professional career. In many cases, a positive working experience abroad influences the students’ later career decisions. Your work placement student might consider to return after graduation. In other cases, you will keep in touch and respectively benefit from a personal professional contact abroad. These are good reasons to aim for attracting the best applicants.

Please note, in Germany, the study year has two semesters from October to February and from March to July. The well organised students will start looking for work placements about 6 months in advance to their planned stay abroad. Therefore, your will get more high quality applications if you advertise positions well in advance.

A concise job advert with a clear summary on what you expect and what your company is offering on return will increase the number of high quality applications. We have put together a small check list with criteria for the most effective job adverts.

Checklist to attract the best applicants

Please find a pdf version of these tipps here.